About The Ladies Guide to Hunting

If you are like most women, when your husband tries to talk to you about things like Preference Points, The Rut, Bugling, Grunting, ADL, BDL, CDL, Muzzlebreaks and Ballistic Coefficients, he might as well be speaking German to you. For some of you that may be okay, but for the rest of you who would like to be able to have an intelligent conversation with your husband about hunting without having to be constantly asking "what is that", this is for you.

It is my goal to be a translator of sorts for you, to help you understand these foreign terms, and to help you become more knowledgeable in the sport of hunting and about the great outdoors in general. Whether you use this knowledge to impress your husband the next time the Outdoor Channel is on, or the next time you are out in the field in pursuit of an animal, I hope you will be more confident in yourself and in your place in the world of hunting.