All About April

I was fortunate to grow up in a family of hunters.  I was also the oldest child, or as my dad likes to say, I was the burnt waffle. As he explained to me once, when I came along my parents weren't quite sure how to raise children and therefore left me on the griddle a little too long, so I'm "charred" on the outside.  I'm not sure if he means that as a good thing or not, so I don't bother to ask. 

I grew up in the country, although some of my earliest memories were of me, being terrified of dirt, mud, bugs, worms, snakes, and basically all things dirty, creepy or crawly.  About the time I turned 7 a transformation took place and overnight I went from being a priss, to being an out and out tomboy.  Which turned out to be a good thing, because I am now blessed with two very messy, dirty little boys who love all things creepy and crawly. 

As a tomboy I spent most of my time playing sports.  Oh sure, I learned to shoot and had a great appreciation for hunting and the fine venison and elk we ate as a result, but I didn't spend all that much time hunting myself until I met my husband, Tim, when I was 16.  Another transformation took place at that age (could have been my raging teenage hormones and the fact that I had an older boyfriend) but I soon became enthralled with all things hunting.  Together we hunted waterfowl, upland game birds, deer and elk. 

Fast forward 13 years and I've graduated into the almost addicted category of hunting.  I've also just had my most successfull hunting year ever, taking not only a 5x5 bull elk, but (drum roll please....) a Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep!  Yes, I was one of the few fortunate Oregon residents who drew a once in a life time tag for a Big Horn Sheep in 2009. 

Together Tim and I have hunted all over the state of Oregon in the pursuit of game.  Hunting to us is not a hobby, but a way of life.  It's not something we do, it's who we are.

In addition to hunting, this year Tim and I took on a new extreme sport - Cowboy Mounted Shooting!  Together with our two Quarter Horse geldings, Kid and Gus, we travel the countryside in hot pursuit of balloons!