Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Cinderella in Danner boots

There's something magical that happens to me when I put on my camo and my favorite pair of boots. Now that doesn't mean that you'll find me shopping at Wal-Mart donning a ratty camo tee. No, I save my camo for special occasions. Like deer and elk season.

You see, when I wear my camo and hunting boots no one is paying attention to how good (or not) my hair looks, if my mascara is smugged, my jeans are too tight, my butt too big, or - well you get the picture. Whether I'm hunting for the day, or for two weeks, no one cares about those superficial things. Instead I'm judged by my determination, my skill, my willpower and my mental strength. It just so happens that these are the traits that I pride myself on.

I slip on those boots, fitted perfectly to my feet after miles and miles of waltzing throughout the outdoors, and I'm invincible. There's no canyon to steep, no ridge to long, and no bull out of my reach. There's also no dirty diapers needing changed, no bills to be paid, and I don't have any deadlines to worry about making. Unfortunately, midnight eventually tolls and I have to put away my camo and boots until the next season, but for those magical times when I'm hunting, I'm the bell of the ball.

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  1. April- Welcome to the blog-o-sphere. I must say that this is a super cute post and really, how nice it would be to always be judged by how we are in the woods? I know I'd love it. (as I am not the make-up, dress up type! lol!)

    I also want to say congrats on your sheep! What a cool experience that would be.

    I'll be back checkin' on your future posts!