Thursday, May 6, 2010

About to be broker---

Wouldn’t you know it? I started this blog and since then my life has been non stop chaos and I haven’t had a chance to think about the blog, much less post anything. My goal this weekend is to get something posted with some meat to it, but for now I’m going to share with you the most joyous news this girl has heard since, well I guess since last years draw tag results came out.

My hometown (okay, not technically my hometown, but the town I work in) is getting a Cabelas store! Less than a mile from were I work!


The closest Cabelas store to us right now is a mere 222 miles away in a different state. I’ll be able to shop at this one on my lunch! No more will be the days of ordering my hunting gear online only to have to return it for a bigger or (hopefully) smaller size. Just think of how much money I’ll save in shipping each year. Okay, I probably won’t save any money at all because now I’ll be able to touch and feel and not talk myself out of ordering something just so I won’t have to pay shipping. More likely, I’ll have to set up some sort of direct deposit up with Cabelas from my paycheck. Crap. So much for the kids’ college funds….

I’ve only been to Cabelas once, and that was on the way home from a vacation to Yellowstone. Picture this – 5 guys with campers and fifth wheel trailers racing down the freeway trying to make it to Cabelas before they closed for the evening. When the front tires hit the parking lot, all 5 guys simultaneously turn their engines off, bail out of the trucks, and leave their wives and children coasting in the abandoned rigs until they rolled to a stop somewhere in the next stores parking lot (which happened to be a Starbucks so points for that!). True story. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Visiting Cabelas was like an out of body experience. It was otherworldly. Like a museum, only with a better gift shop. And in a little less than a year, we’ll have one of our very own! I wonder if they’ll need a greeter….

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